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2019 Fitness Journey - Month 1, Week 2

March 14, 2019
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Goal setting is very important for financial fitness. During this month, let’s review our financial goals. Short term goals should be something you would like to accomplish in less than 2 years. Medium term goals are those things you would like to accomplish in 2-5 years. Long term goals are those things you want to accomplish in more than 5 years.

Goal setting can be tricky as many times we find ourselves “going big or going home”. If our goals are unreasonable, we will find ourselves getting discouraged and giving up. Set SMART goals:

S – Specific – make your goal well defined.
M – Measurable – Include precise amounts
A – Attainable – make sure that you can achieve your goal
R – Relevant –
T – Time bound – give yourself a deadline.

Write down your goals and establish a plan to achieve them and review them in 6 months. Feel free to share your goals with me! We’ll celebrate your successes! Good luck!!!