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History of Halloween

October 27, 2017
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Did you know that Halloween is the second highest grossing commercial “holiday” after Christmas? According to a study, on average American consumers celebrating this occasion expect to spend $77.52 on Halloween-related items, and Americans as a whole spend over $6 billion on the occasion.

Ever wonder why Halloween is celebrated in the United States? Halloween traditions in North America started in the 1900s – it was likely carried over by Irish and Scottish immigrants. Halloween may have originated from Samhain, an ancient Celtic festival, which translates as “summers end.” The Celtics believed on this day spirits walked among the living and could damage crops and bring sickness. To keep the spirits distracted, masks were worn in an attempt blend in. Halloween evolved quite a bit since then!

I hope this helped you learn a little more about this spooky day. I think you are never too old to enjoy the occasion! If you celebrate Halloween, be safe, enjoy and have fun!