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Pumpkin Crafts

October 06, 2017
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Whether or not you decide to dress up and brave the streets for a night out trick-or-treating this Halloween, one thing’s inevitable… Halloween is coming! If you are looking for unique and inexpensive Halloween decorating ideas, the pumpkin craft techniques below may inspire you to try something new.

 If you do try any of these, please send me a picture of your final product. I’d love to see how yours turn out!

  1. Stocking pumpkins. (You’ll need: Pumpkins, craft ribbon and patterned stockings.) Pick up a few pairs of black fishnet, lacy or patterned stockings at the dollar store. The more interesting the pattern, the cooler the pumpkin! Slip your pumpkin into the stocking, with the toe area landing underneath and the open end up by the stem. Tie the stocking closed around the stem with festive ribbon.
  2. Metallic gourds. (You’ll need: Foam pumpkins and/or gourds, gold or silver thumbtacks from the dollar store, gold or silver spray paint, a bit of time.) This is the perfect project for a rainy day! Spray paint your gourds/pumpkins silver or gold depending on the color thumbtacks you’ve chosen. Then, simply poke the thumbtacks into the pumpkin just slightly overlapping each other so no pumpkin shows through. First circle around the top and stem, and then coming down the sides making sure to cover all areas.
  3. Pumpkin vases. (You’ll need: A pumpkin, a glass jar/vase, and flowers.) These are perfect for at home fall decor or for a more unique floral arrangement you’d like to give as a gift! Cut the top off of your pumpkin, and scoop out the pulp and seeds just as you would to carve it. Then, insert a glass jar or vase that fits nicely inside, and fill it with flowers.
  4. Crayon-dripped pumpkins. (You’ll need: Fake or real pumpkin, fast grab tacky glue, 16-20 crayons, hair dryer, trash bag.) Lay down a trash bag to protect your work space, preferably outside. Break the crayons in half and peel off the paper wrapper. Glue the crayon halves to the top of your pumpkins in a circle around the stem in a color pattern you like. All orange and yellow crayons on a white pumpkin is great for Halloween! Heat each crayon with the hair dryer on high for 30 seconds to one minute until fully melted. The crayons may splatter, so take cover!
  5. Chalkboard pumpkins. (You’ll need: Craft pumpkin, chalkboard paint, paint brush, chalk.) Whether you want to use this pumpkin to count down the days until Halloween or draw on different pumpkin faces throughout the month, these are a hit with both kids and adults! Simply wipe down the pumpkin to remove dust or dirt, paint the pumpkin with two coats of paint, let it dry overnight and enjoy decorating it with your chalk in the morning!

Have fun!