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The Benefits of Being an Advisory Client

May 03, 2017

From the start of our relationship, I’ve emphasized transparency. Part of my responsibility to you is reviewing the level of service to ensure you’re receiving what you need.

As we have been discussing, moving into an advisory services relationship has many benefits for you, as it expands the product offering you can invest in, as well as the ability for me to help tailor your financial plan to your goals and needs. Moving into advisory services and away from commission-based products allows us to keep putting relationship ahead of transaction, and continually work together diligently to help you achieve financial success.

As life moves forward and things change, we will continue to collaborate on meeting our mutual goals – to help you retire on your terms, and impact your loved ones as you so desire. These advisory services offer us expanded opportunities to do just that.

I’m incredibly excited to continue working with you on achieving your goals and going through life together! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.